The Resource All Risk and Compliance Professionals Need on Their Desks

After more than 15 years of experience working with the world’s largest internet, e-commerce, and payments companies, LegitScript has compiled the best of our collective knowledge in high-risk products, services, and content with The Online Risk Management Handbook.

  • Relevant Topics

    We cover complex issues that professionals in risk and compliance and trust and safety face every day, including drugs and supplements, deceptive practices, high-risk business models, transaction laundering, and much more.

  • Case Studies

    We help you and your teams improve your ability to spot high-risk behavior by offering case studies of problematic behavior, including real screenshots from bad actors that LegitScript experts have encountered in their work.

  • Useful Tips

    Our handbook is full of useful tips for spotting and removing problematic products, services, and content. We offer easy-to-use lists of red flags you should watch out for when assessing a merchant, user, or website.